reiner braun attack on titan sachintha adikari
Why did Reiner’s talk about Paradis shock his parents?
The first impactful thing Reiner says after coming home is about how he endured his mission on Paradis Island. To our quiet discomfort, he describes all the Survey Corp members he was close with, in a twisted and negative way. Just like how Marleyans would like to think of them. And yet, the next shot shows […]
hinata receive haikyuu s4 e22
Haikyuu S4 E22 Review
Haikyuu S4 E22 was packed with hyper engaging moments second by second from characters on both sides of the net while bringing us closer to actually feeling the stakes of the game as it changes tide point by point. Let’s break it down. We don’t need the memories “We don’t need the memories” is the […]
Fire Force S4 E22
Fire Force S2 E22 Review
Okay. Fire Force season 2 has 24 episodes in total which means we are 2 episodes away from the finale. At this point, it feels like this season is repeating the format of the last season. Multiple encounters with the White-clad, Fire Companies go the nether, fight with White-clad, come back to the surface, Shinra […]
Jujutsu Kaisen episode 9 review
Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 9 Review
Did he really? Gojo just sent the word “penis” to Kento. LMAO. Jujut-Strolls are hilarious. Yoshino Junpei and Mahito Yoshino Junpei is the boy who was able to see curses at the end of the last episode. The other character they introduced was Mahito, the curse that killed the 3 high schoolers at the end […]
Haikyuu S4 E21 review
Haikyuu S4 E21 Review
Haikyuu S4 E21 started like a Kinnoshita focus episode but completely changed direction to focus on the Miya twins. I guess we should’ve expected this from episode 19 where it started like a Nishinoya episode and then it went off in another direction. READ Haikyuu S4 E19 Review Kinoshita leaves unceremoniously How Kinoshita’s jump float […]
Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 8
Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 8 gave brief introductions to 3 new characters and revealed 7 new characters in total. They still had time to develop the story and the characters we were introduced to in the previous episode. This thing is really fast. Let’s see what it had in store. Zenin Mai The twin we didn’t […]
haikyuu s4 e20 shinsuke kita
Haikyuu S4 E20 Review
Haikyuu S4 E20 introduced us to Shinsuke Kita and also offered up some roles reversals and set some peculiar trends. Let’s look at what it had in store. A Heart Warming Quick Backstory Shinsuke Kita is finally on the court and we got to see his back story a bit. It was heart warming to […]
fire force s2 e20 haijiki
Fire Force S2 E20 Review
Fire Force S2 E20 introduced some characters which we are not sure will stay for long or not and also took some characters out. It also brought forward another character out of its shell. Let’s see what it had in store. Weakening Plot Armor So far in Fire Force there has been no protagonist deaths. In […]
nishinoya push ups haikyuu s4 e19
Haikyuu S4 E19 Review
Haikyuu S4 E19 is the episode where our hopes of seeing a Battle at the Garbage Dump starts. So I had to watch it super closely. Let’s see what made it interesting. Nishinoya highlights As the episode started with Nishinoya being targeted by Atsumu, I thought this episode will be Nishinoya’s focus episode, similar to […]
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