Fire Force S4 E22
Fire Force S2 E22 Review
Okay. Fire Force season 2 has 24 episodes in total which means we are 2 episodes away from the finale. At this point, it feels like this season is repeating the format of the last season. Multiple encounters with the White-clad, Fire Companies go the nether, fight with White-clad, come back to the surface, Shinra […]
fire force s2 e20 haijiki
Fire Force S2 E20 Review
Fire Force S2 E20 introduced some characters which we are not sure will stay for long or not and also took some characters out. It also brought forward another character out of its shell. Let’s see what it had in store. Weakening Plot Armor So far in Fire Force there has been no protagonist deaths. In […]
fire force arthur boyle
Fire Force: Arthur Boyle
Arthur Boyle is my favorite low IQ person in the Fire Force universe, from his constant hmph-grins right down to his Excalibur slashes. Unlike most stupid characters who are built with clumsiness for comedic effect, Arthur is actually a capable character with a big share in the top cast. It caught me by surprise. I […]
fore force asakusa benimary shinmon
Fire Force: Asakusa
Asakusa is by far my favorite locality in Fire Force. Under the jurisdiction of Special Fire Force Company 7, it is a serene and pristine place with loud and friendly people. It can be considered a village compared to the big cities I have seen so far in Fire Force. Making the community more likeable […]
fire force shinra kusakabe v rekka hoshimiya thumbnail
Fire Force: Shinra Kusakabe v Rekka Hoshimiya!
Shinra Kusakabe v Rekka Hoshimiya was one of my most anticipated fights in Fire Force. I have been watching different cuts of this fight on YouTube for a long time and I was so excited to see the full version in full context. I must mention that this fight between Shinra and Rekka on YouTube […]