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Haikyuu S4 E22 Review
Haikyuu S4 E22 was packed with hyper engaging moments second by second from characters on both sides of the net while bringing us closer to actually feeling the stakes of the game as it changes tide point by point. Let’s break it down. We don’t need the memories “We don’t need the memories” is the […]
Haikyuu S4 E21 review
Haikyuu S4 E21 Review
Haikyuu S4 E21 started like a Kinnoshita focus episode but completely changed direction to focus on the Miya twins. I guess we should’ve expected this from episode 19 where it started like a Nishinoya episode and then it went off in another direction. READ Haikyuu S4 E19 Review Kinoshita leaves unceremoniously How Kinoshita’s jump float […]
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Haikyuu S4 E20 Review
Haikyuu S4 E20 introduced us to Shinsuke Kita and also offered up some roles reversals and set some peculiar trends. Let’s look at what it had in store. A Heart Warming Quick Backstory Shinsuke Kita is finally on the court and we got to see his back story a bit. It was heart warming to […]
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Haikyuu S4 E19 Review
Haikyuu S4 E19 is the episode where our hopes of seeing a Battle at the Garbage Dump starts. So I had to watch it super closely. Let’s see what made it interesting. Nishinoya highlights As the episode started with Nishinoya being targeted by Atsumu, I thought this episode will be Nishinoya’s focus episode, similar to […]
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Haikyuu S4 E18: Nekoma are through!
Haikyuu S4 E18 finally showed us the tournament draft for the third day and it sent a shock through me. It’s kind of a bummer as well because now we can more or less predict what happens to the Karasuno v Inarizaki match. The only hope of not losing suspense is Haikyuu’s thin plot armor […]
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Haikyuu S4 E17: We love Kenma
Of course we always loved Kenma Kozume. The brain of Nekoma.But Haikyuu latest episode made me love him even more.The episode showed us how deep he is into gaming. So much so that he overcomes real life obstacles by simulating gaming experiences.It was fun to see how the seniors were talking about Kenma’s different attitudes […]