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Fire Force: Arthur Boyle

Arthur Boyle is my favorite low IQ person in the Fire Force universe, from his constant hmph-grins right down to his Excalibur slashes.

Unlike most stupid characters who are built with clumsiness for comedic effect, Arthur is actually a capable character with a big share in the top cast.

It caught me by surprise.

I will use three words to describe him.

Simple, Stupid

Quite the opposite of Shinra, who has grand goals like finding his brother or the truth behind human combustion, Arthur just wants to be a knight.

Even if only in his own imagination.

His simplicity was on peak display, when he defended Vulcan from the White Clad ambush.

All Vulcan had to do to strengthen Arthur’s flame was to put a cape around his neck and fix a stuffed donkey head to his hip.

Arthur believed he was a knight riding to battle on a horse.

As long as he believes that, he is undefeatable.


WATCH: S1 E16 Fire Force | Arthur Boyle defends Vulcan

Arthur ‘s simplicity at its peak

Of course, it’s a good example for his stupidity as well. It’s hard to tell the difference with Arthur.

Shinra sums it up perfectly in the second episode itself.

Everyone thinks he is so elegant because he doesn’t talk much. Actually, he is just too stupid to even come up with words.

Shinra Kusakabe about Arthur Boyle, S1 E2


His simplicity comes with some perks though.

Since he is not distracted by elaborate trains of thought, he is one of the most straightforward characters in Fire Force.

He notices things others don’t, simply because he takes things for face value.

And he takes action right away.

When Asakusa was filled with impostors created by the White Clad, no one could identify the real sister between Hika and Hina.

Arthur Boyle was the only person who not only identified but also took action by kicking the imposter straight in the face.

No drama. Straight knockout.

WATCH: S1 E13 Fire Force | Arthur identifies impostors

Arthur knocks out an imposter in Asakusa
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Simple, stupid and effective, Arthur brings great balance to Special Fire Force Company 8.

In a Fire Force Company full of rationalizing individuals with own personal struggles and visions, it’s reassuring to have someone who just wants to save the day.

Consistent and reliable.

You can expect that from a knight.

And you can certainly expect that from The Knight King Arthur Boyle.

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