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Fire Force S2 E20 Review

Fire Force S2 E20 introduced some characters which we are not sure will stay for long or not and also took some characters out. It also brought forward another character out of its shell.

Let’s see what it had in store.

Weakening Plot Armor

fire force s2 e20 haijiki
Hajiki in action before his death in the next scene

So far in Fire Force there has been no protagonist deaths. In the guise of being fire resistant, characters always come out alive from big fights. The only major loss in the protagonist side so far was Huo Yan Li’s hand.

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Fire Force S2 E20 put this trend in doubt with the instant death of Hajiki. Introduced as a powerful character with the charisma of a potential fan favorite, his immediate death in the subsequent scene is sudden enough to make us think that he might still be alive.

Instead, he stayed dead, marking the first death of a charismatic protagonist character.

The flashbacks of other Company 2 Fire Soldiers in their last moments felt somewhat scrambled together. Looking rather cliché and too sudden for the audience to relate, especially coming from completely unknown characters.

This could be an attempt to avoid side-lining characters, a practice vividly observed in anime like Haikyuu, but I doubt it.

Juggernaut Focus

fire force s2 e20 juggernaut
Juggernaut’s smile in the end

This is the first time we see Juggernaut taking the lead in a fight.

Hajiki’s death and Juggernaut’s memories with him were used as fuel for motivating Juggernaut. This too felt weak as Hajiki’s low screen time could not have left much of an impression on the audience to actively connect with Juggernaut’s emotions.

Nevertheless, Fire Force S2 E20 brought Juggernaut out of his shell and evolved his character by showing the extent of the firepower he was hiding. It was thrilling to see the quasi un-killable character go full throttle. It was equally heart warming to see Juggernaut’s smile in the end, knowing he had finally stepped up to protect someone.

Exposed Wire

fire force s2 e20 oze v hinawa
Detective Oze confronts Liutenant Hinawa

Putting up Takigi Oze with Hinawa in the same squad could very well spark a fire between the skeptic Oze family member and the stern Lieutenant.

Takigi’s skepticism of Hinawa was evident through his bitterness during their greeting, suggesting either a fallout between the two in the darkness of the Nether or a potential patch up of misunderstandings which could result in Maki’s peaceful return to the Fire Force.

Either-way, this set-up could end up giving us another finale fight in the Nether. A lot could happen with 5 different squads scattered around the map.

We shall patiently wait another week and pray to witness the beginning of an exciting end to the season.

May thy soul return to the great flame of fire. Látom.

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WATCH Hajiki’s electrifying entrance and sudden death in this 3 minute video here.

Hajiki introduction and death