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Haikyuu S4 E19 Review

Haikyuu S4 E19 is the episode where our hopes of seeing a Battle at the Garbage Dump starts. So I had to watch it super closely. Let’s see what made it interesting.

Nishinoya highlights

Nishinoya push ups Haikyuu S4 E19
Nishinoya penalty push ups Haikyuu S4 E19

As the episode started with Nishinoya being targeted by Atsumu, I thought this episode will be Nishinoya’s focus episode, similar to Haikyuu S4 E16 for Tanaka and Haikyuu S4 E17 for Kenma.

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I really hoped for a Nishinoya v Ushiwaka style showdown with Atsumu. But instead it was used as a moment to remind us Nishinoya still exists.

It reminded me again though, the great determination Nishinoya has and how he gets back up every single time when his team needs him. I think his quantity of determination is only second to Hinata’s.

At the same time, his quality of determination is better than Hinata’s.

Hinata notably picks up when he starts to personally fall behind Kageyama, but Nishinoya always gets back up because he worries his team will suffer if he doesn’t.

Just like he did against Date Tech’s Iron Wall, Ushiwaka’s left handed spike and now against Mia Atsumu’s jump floaters.

Enter, Rintaro Suna

Rintaro Suna Haikyuu To The Top
Rintaro Suna

Being annoyed by Tsukishima’s blocks and his high contact spikes and staying dormant and observant in the past few episodes, Rintaro Suna finally came to the fore-front.

Just like indicated in the past episodes, his battle is going to be with Tsukishima for best read blocker.

I feel the writers deliberately developed Tsukichima’s high contact spike to put it up against Rintaro’s body twisting cross shots, or a similarly upgraded middle blocker.

Otherwise it would have been an uneven match up or boring seeing Tsukishima constantly go up against regular middle blockers while he himself is improving in the story.

In that sense, the characters have come together at the perfect moment.

Battle of the Setters

In the last volley of the episode, it became clear why Nishinoya was not given a match-up with Atsumu.

He was reserved for Kageyama and Kageyama only.

The battle of the setters which was previously interrupted by Hinata’s massive vertical jump is about to reignite as the two setters executed elaborate plays from either sides of the net.

Captain v Captain?

Shinsuke Kita Haikyuu S4 E19
Shinsuke Kita Haikyuu S4 E19

Shinsuke Kita’s entrance in the last few seconds of the episode was subtle but very important. It adds yet another angle to watch the match from.

FYI, these are the tags the Haikyuu Fandom page has given him.

Shinsuke Kita — Haikyuu Fandom page

This guy is an all rounder with a personality to go with it, meaning his presence on the court is going to be similar, or most probably greater, to that of Daichi’s, especially considering the difference in experience.

The only factor that might bring him down to Daichi’s skill level is his injury which might limit his movements.

In any case, this has the potential to be the personality contest of the season.

A poised match

Even though no character was given special attention, with the different match ups coming together, it feels like Haikyuu S4 E19 is setting up for an all out match with more or less similar personalities clashing head on.

Some of the match ups I can point out so far are,

  • Miya Osamu v Hinata Shoyo as spikers
  • Miya Atsumu v Kageyama Tobio as setters
  • Tsukishima Kei v Rintaro Suna as upgraded read blockers
  • Daichi Sawamura v Shinsuke Kita as leadership figures

A match up of this calibre would be a fitting one to set up the Battle at the Garbage Dump should Karasuno actually pull through.

In terms of giving us hope for an entertaining match, Haikyuu S4 E19 has served its purpose in my books.

Let’s see how it pans out in the next episode.

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