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Haikyuu S4 E20 Review

Haikyuu S4 E20 introduced us to Shinsuke Kita and also offered up some roles reversals and set some peculiar trends.

Let’s look at what it had in store.

A Heart Warming Quick Backstory

“Someone is always watching”

Shinsuke Kita is finally on the court and we got to see his back story a bit.

It was heart warming to see the intentions behind his actions have no sinister motive even though his outward appearance makes him look like a cold person.

He is the opposite.

He is not an aggressive must win attitude bearing person.

In his own words, he does what he needs to do.

Through Kita, Haikyuu S4 E20 also introduced a character that sticks to routine over results just for the sake of the routine.

Sure, other characters respect routine as well, like Kageyama, but Kita takes it to a whole other level by just loving the process itself.

I almost cried along with him when Kita got his jersey.

The transition was what did the trick.

From his grandma’s voice over saying “someone is always watching”, to his coach noticing him, to him getting the jersey for the first time.

It’s always satisfying when discipline is rewarded.

It makes the patience endured for it all the more worth while.

Presence on the Court

Shinsuke Kita knows his team

Kita’s presence on the court was not what I expected though.

Instead of being a charismatic character rivalling Daichi, he goes the other way, by becoming a constant reminder that keeps everyone on the ground.

When the second years start running out of track, Kita is there to bring them back.

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His flowless defensive plays and his discipline had me wanting to cheer Inarizaki over Karasuno for the first time.

Actually, this must be the first time in the entire anime that I even thought of supporting for the other team.

It’s amazing what just a few minutes of a character can do to you if the introduction is done right.

And Shinsuke Kita’s introduction was spot on.

Kageyama To the Top?

Kageyama shuts out Ojiro Aran

I was surprised to see Ojiro Aran being shut out like that by Kageyama.

He is a setter with good all-round skills but I can’t understand why they would show him as this all powerful character all of a sudden.

Kageyama was highlighted in two episodes in a row now, while Hinata stood on the sidelines for both the episodes.

Last week it was the service ace streak and this week his block was more powerful that Tsukishima’s.

Even Suna admitted to himself that Kageyama’s block was scarier.

This is a bit out of the ordinary as Tsukishima has always been the front character when it comes to blocking.

More Switching

Nishinoya freezes and Asahi steps up

We saw some more role reversal in the form of Asahi and Nishinoya with Asahi being the dependable Ace a lot more noticeably and Nishinoya admitting to himself that he is scared.

Nishinoya being scared has never happened before.

Not even against the intimidating Ushijima and the robust Shiratorizawa squad.

We will have to see how he comes back from this.

Nishinoya always does.

How things seem

There was no cliff hanger for the next episode like there was for this one.

The end of Haikyuu S4 E20 sort of showed all the Karasuno characters upping their game with the new rotation to match Inarizaki.

The only noticeable aim by Karasuno came in the form of targetting Ojiro Aran and everything else was in line with the hype of the match.

So what will Karasuno do next?

It is the final set that decides it all.

Remember, the Battle at the Garbage Dump is what we are all rooting for.


WATCH A quick cut of Shinsuke Kita’s daily ritual by SeriousBW over at YouTube.

Shinsuke Kita’s ritual – A quick cut

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