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Haikyuu S4 E21 Review

Haikyuu S4 E21 started like a Kinnoshita focus episode but completely changed direction to focus on the Miya twins.

I guess we should’ve expected this from episode 19 where it started like a Nishinoya episode and then it went off in another direction.

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Kinoshita leaves unceremoniously

kinoshita haikyuu s4 e21
Kinoshita returning to the bench

How Kinoshita’s jump float was returned was cold.

All that mental services and the moment he got on the court to execute, he was sent back without even a reaction.

The camera angle they used to show Kinoshita’s facial expressions was really good.

Not being able to see where he was walking combined with his sad monologue gave us a sense of aimlessness as well.

Kinoshita’s sadness is justifiable.

Every member of Karasuno has a unique characteristic.

Only Kinoshita doesn’t.

At one point I thought to myself what’s the point of having Kinoshita and Yamaguchi both.

Yamaguchi was clearly dominating in the pinch server department.

It became hard to understand why the story would keep Kinoshita around like that.

Was it to make it more relatable to a real-life team, where you don’t just throw players away just because they don’t stand out? I don’t know.

Tsukishima keeps on evolving

tshukishima vs suna haikyuu s4 e21
Tsukishima and his salt are back

The episode kind of started becoming boring after Tsukishima’s tactic against Suna’s spike.

It gave me a rush when coach Ukai’s briefing on how they were going to counter Suna came on.

Tsukishima was indeed still in the middle of the blocking after all.

Suna completely underestimated Tsukishima.

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Starting out as a character that didn’t really care about the sport, he is now fully engaged in creating tactics to counter opposition spikers.

We thought he finally broke from his shell when he stopped Ushiwaka.

But turns out he can go even further.

He anyway doesn’t want the spotlight like Hinata badly does.

So it’s noble to still want to improve his team’s chances by playing a crucial role without even wanting to get the spotlight.

The Miya twins’ backstory

miya twins talk about national training camp haikyuu s4 e21
The Miya twins get a tiebreaker

It was surprising to know that Osamu was the stronger of the twins until very recently.

Atsumu always seemed like the one pressing forward and Osamu just tagged along.

But to see that Osamu was actively competing against Atsumu was surprising.

Especially to see him with so much energy.

Aran was right.

Osamu is truly the blessing that Atsusmu has received.

Atsumu’s affection

atsumu happy haikyuu s4 e21

Back at nationals training camp, they revealed to us that Atsumu is the kind of setter that makes the spikers think they themselves are getting better when in reality Atsumu’s sets make the spikes better.

But Atsumu always gives the spirit of the spiker first place and lets him celebrate as if it was his own effort and reward completely.

That claim from episodes back was shown to us in action when he stretched himself to give the best set possible no matter what the situation is towards the end of Haikyuu S4 E21.

And he didn’t gloat in the fact that he got it.

He simply said that he is performing the duty of the setter.

What’s more, it even inspired Kageyama.

Even after all the brilliant plays he executed so far in the match, one dedicated set from Atsumu reignited his want to win.

The set is so close to finishing.

Anime TV just released a climax trailer assuring that.

Official Climax Trailer

We are a few points away from knowing whether we will get a Battle at the Garbage Dump or not.

Let’s see what happens in Haikyuu S4 E22.

Until we meet in the next review, stay safe.

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