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Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 8

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 8 gave brief introductions to 3 new characters and revealed 7 new characters in total. They still had time to develop the story and the characters we were introduced to in the previous episode.

This thing is really fast.

Let’s see what it had in store.

Zenin Mai

mai zenin jujutsu kaisen
Zenin Mai

The twin we didn’t know Maki had.

Unlike the Miya Twins in Haikyuu who have different characters despite playing in the same team, the Zenin twins in Jujutsu Kaisen didn’t seem to have that much of a difference when it came to character.

Both are ruthless and not backing down from a fight. Maki might have come off as the kinder one when she stopped the ass whopping Mai was raining down on Kugisaki, but it could’ve just been her taking the side of her junior against the much spited twin of hers.

But one thing we got to know is her uphill fight for approval from her family. We can assume the twins both have that in common by combining the brief exchange they had with each other and Maki’s conversation with Kugisaki later on.

“My neck gets sore looking up at others all the time, so I need to look down on someone like you every so often.” 

Zenin Mai to Zenin Maki.

“Ah, forget it. We’re both at rock bottom, and it’s pathetic.” 

Zenin Maki in response.

Gojo Satoru got fans.

Miwa Kasumi jujutsu kaisen
Miwa Kasumi


Looks like the real world is not the only place Gojo’s got fans. This episode we were introduced to Miwa Kasumi who did an excellent job playing the part of the stern guard on the outside, all the while melting on the inside at the sight of Gojo.

They didn’t reveal her name by the way, I looked it up on Fandom, shhh…

Gojo’s speech, looks and postures all still remind us of Naruto’s Kakashi no doubt. The resemblance is uncanny.

You can surely find multiple blogs and posts comparing the two characters, so I won’t do that here. Maybe later.

Gojo confronts Principal Gakuganji jujutsu kaisen
Gojo and Principal Gakuganji

It looked like Gojo takes his declaration to fight against the higher-ups very seriously. The tension was palpable when he confronted Kyoto’s Principal, Gakuganji, who is also part of the decision making higher-ups.

Gojo did claim that he can beat every higher-up himself, and after the eye-revealing flex-spectacle we witnessed in episode 7, we can definitely believe him on that.

His level of mischief was also on display again from his tampering of Principal Yaga’s schedule but his delivery of that fact to the Kyoto delegates was what heightened the mischievous nature very clearly.

Of course, Todo Aoi.

todo aoi jujutsu kaisen
Todo Aoi

SIMP Lord!

That guy is big but got a mellow heart. In a weird way. He is a kind of half stupid character who is obsessed with ideals.

It was quiet evident in the way he gauged Fushigoro based on his type of ideal woman. That was creepy and hilarious. Just like how obsessed he is with his idol, Takada-chan which made the Juju-Stroll bit in this episode a treat.

His determination to not make his last Exchange Event boring and showing he doesn’t mind going a distance to ensure it, solidifies his ideals obsessed character trait.

Inumaki got the voice of god

inumaki jujutsu kaisen
Inumaki Toge

Now, since I don’t read the manga, don’t try to shit on me here. I’m talking what I see.

And by the looks of it, Inumaki has the ability to control what others do for a brief period of time. He simply has to say the words.

This explains why he doesn’t talk proper words in normal conversations.

The one time he spoke, he stopped the large size Todo in his tracks. But only for a moment. Otherwise there was no need for Panda to step in, only to land a punch on him that threw him back mere few feet backwards.

It’s nice to know Inumaki’s strange speech has a cause behind it and not just to give an awkward character trait.

Jujutsu Kaisen has so far introduced characters at a really fast pace. Not just casual introductions but going a little bit into their character traits and abilities as well.

The story is also developing equally fast while balancing the time spent on character introductions. The future looks promising.

Let’s see what happens by the time we meet in the next review.

Thanks for reading!

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